We began taking groups on art tours in the USA...


Our goal is to create a trip of a lifetime experience for you!

With more than 15 years of experience leading over 100 groups to Cuba...


Who we are


painting by Kelvin Lopez


Then we ventured farther afield to focus on the art and cultures of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and Argentina.


The Latin American trips were centered around meeting locals and learning from the indigenous cultures plus the art and architecture.


When President Clinton opened up Cuba for American visitors, it was a natural extension to our programs.




We do not sit in lecture halls, or do what is repeated on the mass produced trips by large travel companies.


We made our first trip to plan itineraries in August of 2001, now we have led over 100 groups in 15 years. Our first Cuban friends from 2001 are waiting to meet you and others of our extended family.

Our trips focus on the people, art, architecture and creating an opportunity for you to be part of the Cuban culture.

You will enter homes, back doors of museums, and interact with Cubans who truly want to meet you and exchange ideas with you.


Cuba offers a cultural and artistic experience different from that of any other place on earth.

Our American tour guide was funny, witty, and an inexhaustible fountain of knowledge. She seemed to know everyone and was greeted with hugs and smiles wherever we traveled.


Lynda S.


Simply stated, I have yet to meet any tour guide who comes close to Mary’s magnetic personality, depth of knowledge, connections people - hotel concierges, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, artists, archaeologists, historians, or street people.


Everywhere we went she was greeted with warm embraces, smiles and joyful conversation. We were invited into private homes, artist studios, archaeological digs, cigar rollers and late night tango sessions. Mary created a trip (both in Cuba and Argentina) that were life-changing experiences for me, and for the people I traveled with.


Barbara Bushkin

Mary Drobny B. A., M. A., has taught art history at the college level for the last 20+ years, and has worked in education at many museums in Southern California.  Her interest in travel took off right after high school when she started roaming the Caribbean and Latin America.  She has personally led over 100 trips to Cuba.  She has also led groups to museums throughout the United States, and to art venues and archaeological sites in Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina and Brazil.

I am convinced the best way to learn is to get off the tourist path and behind the scenes where the real Cuba exists. Cultural-Journeys did just this for our small group on a people to people exchange.  I am totally fascinated by the people and country and ready to sign up for another adventure.


Leslie M.



"What a wonderful trip it was!!


 A few outstanding things for me were the art and artists, and the bond that art has that does away with all language difficulties. And also the incredible museums we visited, what gems are there."


Carol C.

"Meet your Cuban guide Abel Contreras de la Guardia.


Born and raised in Havana and majored in Foreign Languages. He graduated from Havana’s Pedagogical Institute in 1997.


He has been working as a guide since 1999 and is passionate about International Affairs, history, architecture and every aspect of Cuba’s past, present, and life style.  He has traveled to U.S. Canada and Europe.


He loves making new friends and is waiting to meet you in Havana. "


Mary Drobny




"Mary, I can't tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Cuba..."


"Why did we have a wonderful time whereas others didn't?  It's YOU, Mary.  You did a beautiful job of planning and executing our visit.  You went above and beyond what one would have expected.  Everything was wonderful.  I loved your selection of restaurants and artists to visit.  I loved our lovely walk from the hotel to the Plaza de Armas.


It was lovely to see your relationship with the Cuban people.  You are deservedly well loved."



" My experience in Cuba was so enriched by the excellent planning by Mary and  our "person on the ground" Abel.

This trip was so well balanced with experiencing the "real" countryside, the UNESCO site of Trinidad and the city life, art and history of Havana.  I am so glad to have seen Cuba NOW and with the guidance of Mary and Abel.


Best wishes for great trips ahead!!! "

Diana C.





"You did an extraordinary job in organizing this trip and making it informative,

varied and great fun.

Thank you for sharing so generously your knowledge of

Cuban culture and the contacts with your artist friends. Being able to visit their

homes and galleries was a very special treat. Havana is truly a magical place

and your love for it has been contagious. I want to come back and explore more

of this amazing city and the rest of the island!


Thank you again for making this trip so special!"


Dagmar S.

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